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Tax & Wealth Audit

We find most people have multiple advisors, none of whom are talking to each other, and therefore there are gaps and missed opportunities in your tax and wealth strategy.

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Tax and accounting services

Working with Shalini from Dharna CPA has given me more time to spend working on things I love! She has also given me peace-of-mind knowing that my accounting and taxation needs are being taken care of.

Kelly Farrell

This audit will go over all areas of your financial life – in depth – and find solutions to help you achieve your financial goals!

Finances involve everything you do because everything has a tax consequence. To give you a proper strategy – we need to know who you are as a individual and business owners. We take the time to review all your financial matters:
• cash flow
• investments
• insurance
• business taxes
• personal taxes
• Debt + mortgage
• + any other areas you have concerns about.

Our Business is ‘YOU’

This fee is our time to get to know you, understand what your current set up is, and then be able to advise you going forward with the full picture in mind.  While our firm does offer portfolio management (similar to a bank) moving your portfolio over to us is not a requirement at all. However, understanding what you have and how it is set up will allow us to offer future guidance. We will offer a 2nd opinion on your portfolio and coverage as part of our due diligence – what you do with that second opinion is up to you entirely. 

The entire outcome of this onboarding is twofold: one: we get to know you so we can offer you the consulting advice you are seeking and two:  offer you options to solve your areas of concern. We only offer OPTIONS, it is up to you to decide which to execute if any.  You are then free to ask us questions about anything throughout the term of this relationship and as long as work isn’t required (research, for example) there will be no additional fees. 

To qualify for the money-back guarantee you must be a business owner and we need to have no options to present to you (i.e. we have found nothing to improve in your current set up!). If we present to you options, in any of the areas we look into, even if you choose not to execute on it the money-back guarantee is not valid as you were presented with the savings.

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Our Clients Most Valuable Words

Liz Nesbitt Sabiston

Shalini from Dharna CPA was incredibly helpful. She is very professional, knowledgeable and certainly knows Canadian taxes. In a webinar, she was organized, clear, friendly and easy to follow.

Elizabeth Roque

We simply could not have the foundation in our accounting services if it wasn’t for Dharna Accounting, Shalini’s professionalism, patience and knowledge is amazing, we highly recommend their services if you wish to have a successful support system

Heather McCrae

I cannot say enough about Shalini and her compassionate yet professional manner and work ethic! She is focused, discreet, detailed and believe it or not, fun! I am not a finance person at all, and she’s taught me SO much! She’s my CPA for a reason!

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Looking forward to helping you make your dreams come true!

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