Accounting Solutions
for Small Businesses

Whether you are a sole proprietor or incorporated business owner, you need to prepare for taxes throughout the year. At Dharna CPA, we not only help you stay on top of your taxes but can also assist you with the every day operations of your business such as cash flow management, business financing and other financial responsibilities you have

Stay on top of your taxes

Every decision you make in your business (and life) has a tax consequence. As a small business owner you have an obligation to CRA to stay on top of your taxes. We know it’s challenging to understand what you can and cannot write off, keep accurate books and documentation, stay on top of your tax filings, all while building and growing a business! Did you know the key to paying less taxes and growing a successful business is strategy from day one?

Tax-efficient strategies to run your business

We help you identify the most tax-efficient way to run your business to help increase your profit margins and decrease overhead. At DharnaCPA, you have a firm with a combined experience of 50 years that understands small business and the challenges that come with that. Apart from regular accounting and tax services such as personal tax filing, corporate tax filing, bookkeeping & payroll, we offer support for small business through financial solutions or strategic consultations for business growth and development.

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Happy Customers

Shalini Dharna Kibsey is friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Whenever I have questions, she answers them promptly. I trust her with my family and small business taxes. She is down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I am grateful she’s my accountant because we trust her 110%. She’s the best!

Julie Vuong-Quinto

I have taken Shalini’s Deduct This Tax Workshop for Small Business Owners. When it comes to financial matters, Shalini is honest, approachable and really knows her stuff.

Karen Swyszcz

I cannot say enough about Shalini and her compassionate yet professional manner and work ethic! She is focused, discreet, detailed and believe it or not, fun! I am not a finance person at all, and she’s taught me SO much! She’s my CPA for a reason!

Heather McCrae