Master Finances in Your Relationship

Are you tired of finding ways to speak to your partner about money? Does every conversation about money end up causing a fight? Do you wish to discuss saving & splurging with your partner, but cannot? Or have you ever thought of creating a couple’s budget?

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Imagine if you could

  • Know your partner’s money beliefs (and where everything” money-related” is coming from) 
  • Learn to manage how you feel about money  
  • Talk openly about money with your partner  
  • Understand how money habits impact you as a couple  
  • Know all about assets, debts, savings, investments & what-not 
  • Create a couple’s budget  
  • Set financial goals as a couple

Introducing – Love & Money 

A masterclass that will help you manage finances in your relationship. 

Money. As a couple, you deal with it every day. And connecting well around money — instead of tension, avoidance or confusion —can be game-changing for any relationship. 

Unlike the traditional money courses, you might be envisioning, this master course is not about number crunching and workbooks (although we will get you started on that). This is about what has to happen first. This is about understanding the root cause… 

You’ve tried everything to stop fighting about money-

Talking about money & your relationship, agreeing on ground rules, and avoiding the subject of money altogether. Yet, it never seems to work, right?  In this class, you will:  

Understand how past experiences with money impact your relationship with your partner

Learn what emotional state will help you and your partner get on the same page about money - and how to get there

Understand and analyze money habits

Know about dealing with assets, accounts, debts & bills

Know about spending & investing

Understand and analyze money habits

Understand taxes as a couple

See how emotional arousal becomes a roadblock to clear communication about money

Addressing Differences in Financial Priorities

What You Get

A workbook designed to help you with you and your partner’s

Money Mindset and Money Conversation

A 30-minute video recording with Shalini Dharna, CPA

Introducing a CPA who does more than just taxes.

Shalini Dharna, CPA, CFO

A key area of stress for partners is money. Knowing and understanding your money is a key to success in a relationship- but we don’t ever talk about money, or more importantly, we try to ignore or navigate that alone.  

The aim of this masterclass is to help you discover and reflect on a subject that is extremely important – love & money. Through this course, you will dive deeper into understanding not only yourself, but your life. I will also provide you with the right tools you need to maintain your finances with your relationships. So, let’s just jump straight in and get a start on your journey of making money simpler in your relationship!