What makes Shalini the right business coach?

With lots of options available online and also offline, identifying the right business and financial coach for you and your business is an important consideration.

Shalini is an exceptional coach who will help you understand and feel confident about your business future with a solid grasp of finances. She has helped hundreds of CEOs, small business owners and individuals level-up their finances through an array of seminars, interactrive workshops and individual coaching. She is the right person to empower you and propel your start-up and small business to new heights.

These are the qualities that set Shalini apart:

Depth of coaching experience

Shalini is well versed with a plethora of topics that affect your business. These include strategy, market innovation, operational enhancements and the level of your financial savvy.

Sound Judgement

Shalini brings heightened awareness, strong analytical skills and good judgment. She can help with your SWOT analysis, highlight individual and business strengths and areas of improvement.

Committed to your success

Shalini is passionate about helping her candidates succeed. She will ask the right questions to get a good grasp of where your business stands and then adroitly guide you in the right manner.

Innate understanding of start-ups and small businesses

Shalini understands the emotional challenges which entrepreneurs go through, and brings proven credentials in helping entrepreneurs to operate their business in the right manner every day.


Shalini has the courage to tell you the truth and make the best decision even when it may seem uncomfortable. She will boldly push you forward and help you make the right business moves.

Ethics and Strong Values

Shalini brings strong values and operates with a well-defined code of ethics. So you can confidently and securely share your business details.

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