One look at the wealth of certifications and accreditation of “Dharna CPA’s senior management team” and it’s easy to see that you are in the company of professionally-certified financial and wealth management experts. Combine that with years of successful and proven experience, and it’s no wonder thousands of clients seek out the expertise of Dharna CPA for accounting, tax savings and planning, and all their wealth management needs

Uniquely positioned to understand and serve your interests

Dharna CPA brings over 10 years of diverse experience providing a range of tax, accounting and wealth advisory services. We work with a range of clients, big and small, across multiple industry domains. At Dharna CPA, we are uniquely positioned to understand your individual objectives the challenges that come along with running business operations. Enjoy financial flexibility and unlock your[MM3]  potential beyond just basic tax filing.

Purpose-driven with the personal touch

We are purpose-driven and center everything we do on our vision, purpose and shared commitments. Clients across Ontario will vouch for the personal touch that we bring to meet your unique accounting needs. We can relate to the challenges that come along with running your business. We go the extra mile to listen to you, identify your needs and ensure we provide the best possible service.

Managing Finances as Newlyweds

Advice grounded in insights

Our goal is to help you make the right financial decisions and achieve financial confidence. This means we are passionate about exploring and finding better ways, adapting and re-inventing ourselves as we add value for our clients. We’re focused on delivering value-added tax planning and accounting and driving engagement at every touchpoint to meet your needs and expectations.

Managing Finances as Newlyweds

Our Vision

Our Vision

Dharna CPA provides quality, value and affordable accounting services, tax strategies and wealth creation that gives small business owners and professionals freedom to concentrate on their core competencies.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Dharna CPA is committed to providing the highest level of accounting, business advisory, and tax services to individuals and small-to-medium size businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. We endeavor to provide you with professional, timely, reliable, and accurate reporting.


Highly-customized strategies

Serving diverse industries, we pursue well thought-out strategies to deliver a tailored approach to tax, finances and wealth management. We’re passionate about serving you and take pride in delivering the right solutions you require.


Proven industry expertise

Dharna CPA is the name to trust for all relevant and appropriate tax and accounting solutions. With our unique approach and deep industry insights, we help you make sound financial decisions in an affordable manner and upgrade your business.


Value-added solutions

You can trust the Dharna CPA expertise for today and tomorrow. Our plans are customized for your needs and carefully curated to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing nature of business.


Investing in education and relationships

Beyond financial services, we cultivate rich partnerships. With ongoing consultations, customized coaching and extensive follow-through, we build mutually-beneficial relationships, and are with you at every step of the way.

Why Dharna CPA?

Build your assets, save taxes and grow wealth securely

We all work hard for our money – whether self-employed or employed by a company – and we need to ensure we are making that money work for us.

At Dharna CPA we are entrepreneurs, but we also have the same responsibilities as anyone with a family. We understand that everyone has limited resources and we make sure you can maximize the value from each asset. By having everything in-house we ensure that all our services work for you so you don’t have to second guess your choices. That’s our passion – to help you save taxes and grow your wealth.

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