Why Should I Incorporate?

Pros and Cons to consider when Incorporating

Do you understand what it means to incorporate?

One of the conversations I often have with my entrepreneur clients is SHOULD I INCORPORATE? or responding to “SO AND SO TOLD ME TO INCORPORATE”

IT IS NOT A BLACK AND WHITE ANSWER. With a corporation comes a higher level of administrative work (i.e. bookkeeping and legal fees) and while it offers a lot of options it’s really important for clients to understand that:

You will not achieve any tax savings from a corporations if you don’t use it properly.

Take aways
Understanding what is a corporations?
What is the differences in running a corporation vs your sole proprietorship?
What other responsibilities do you undertake?
How does financial planning help my corporation?

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Working with Shalini from Dharna CPA has given me more time to spend working on things I love! She has also given me peace-of-mind knowing that my accounting and taxation needs are being taken care of. From the beginning, the team at Dharna CPA took time to understand my needs and explain all of my options so that I could make informed decisions while also trusting their experience and expertise. I would highly recommend their services.

Kelly Farrell

I would like to acknowledge Shalini Dharna of Dharna CPA, for an awesome experience and say thank you! So glad we connected and am very happy with your professionalism, knowledge, caring and customer service provided for my business accounting needs. Always quick to respond to inquiries, answer questions, explain for full understanding and guidance for best practices. I highly recommend!

Gina Bello

Do you understand what it means to incorporate?

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