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Dharna CPA helps entrepreneurs, CEOs and small business owners reach their strategic business and financial goals, faster. Our expert coaching and speaking seminars help busy entrepreneurs with a powerful, educational model and programs that includes expert resources and one-on-one coaching customized to your needs. Now you can take important decisions with ease.

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At Dharna CPA, educating and empowering you with advanced financial literacy is our primary goal. As an entrepreneur, you will benefit from our proven course material and gain access to the 360-degree fiancial business savvy you need to succeed in today’s demanding business climate.

We help you understand the importance of business finance with a host of industry-tested courses both offline and virtual, for start-up entrepreneurs and business founders. On completing our courses, you will become more effective at understanding the basics of finance and growing your business faster. With Dharna CPA, you can now make empowered financial planning and budgeting decisions, make correct forecasts and manage capital and financial resources better.

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