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Why Work With Dharna CPA?

One look at the wealth of certifications and accreditation of “Dharna CPA’s senior management team” and it’s easy to
see that you have professionally certified financial and wealth management experts helping you grow your business. Combine that with years of successful and proven experience, we have been advising business owners planning, raising capital, financing and debt management.

Business Plans

Professional business plans are crucial for a new, growing and developing business. A good business plan will guide you through each stage of managing your business, especially, if you are in need of more funds. Our expert team offers customized business plans that will help you steer your business to grow and reach set milestones.

CFO Services

You got into business to offer your product or service but now you’re also expected to understand accounting and tax and comply with CRA. Our CFO services are designed based on your needs to help you understand your finances better. Better understanding will lead to better financial decisions!

Raising Capital

Cash is lifeline for any business; and as a business owner, raising capital is significant part of your efforts and a major challenge. We help businesses prepare for the tough road ahead and ensure overall financial readiness, before you take the big leap.

Business Loans & Financing

Your business is unique and we ensure you choose the right financing that supports every stage of the growth. Capital eligibility, repercussions on your personal wealth and right tax strategies to generate wealth, we have got it all covered.

Debt Management

Debt risk is part of running a business, but with right advise you can handle the odds. Harpal Dharna, CEO, Dharna CPA comes with 30+ years experience helping businesses handle debt, tension-free and help you manage what’s unmanageable.

Succession Planning

You’ve built business and business succession planning is important to protect and preserve the value. From business valuation, tax and estate planning to succession coaching, our experts will help you create a customized, well-defined path to retirement.

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