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All things an entrepreneur is magically supposed to know when starting a business!
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the Program

A specially designed program for new entrepreneurs and small business owners (even online businesses!) who need help in understanding Canadian compliances & scaling their businesses! If you are looking for more profits, you need navigate your books and become financially independent! But first, we need to set up the basics. This program covers it all!

If you find yourself:

  • Having difficulty understanding CRA compliance
  • Understanding complex tax write-offs and procedures
  • Wondering how you would be able to control your finances
  • Willing to invest in yourself and your business to help you scale and grow?
  • Wondering if your numbers are correct and if you’re taking the right direction?
  • Wondering when will you pay yourself?

A specially designed program for new entrepreneurs and small business owners (even Instagram businesses!) who need help in understanding Canadian compliances & scaling their businesses! So, if you are eventually looking for more profits, you must navigate your books and become financially independent!

But what if your new reality was:

  • Knowing how to set up a business and business systems in compliance with Canadian rules and regulations
  • Understanding what is required of the rules as a Candian entrepreneur

  • Understanding where your business is going and what are the roadblocks
  • More consistency in your bookkeeping and progress toward your financial goals
  • Having a financial expert to consult on what’s working and not working in your business
  • Taking control of the conversations around money
  • And finally, PAYING YOURSELF!

Now that you’ve taken the “leap of faith,” know I am with you!
Introducing Entrepreneur Toolkit

An especially curated 6-hour course for accidental entrepreneurs – independent contractors, solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners! Let’s get back to the basics and help you build a foundation that no “accidental entrepreneur” in the country can match!

This program is for you if you’re

  • You are in the beginning stages of your entrepreneurial journey and want to know about setting up a business in Canada.

  • You want to know how to make the best of those write-offs.

  • Understand ways to pay yourself.

  • Where is your money going and coming from?

  • You have a business but need to learn how to comprehend numbers into words.

Introducing a CPA who does more than just taxes.

A key area of stress for entrepreneurs is numbers. Knowing and understanding your numbers is a key to success in both business and life- but we don’t ever talk about our numbers, we navigate that alone (or with the help of an accountant). But what we really need is a link… 

And for this particular program, you’ll find me wearing a CFO’s hat. A CFO helps small business owners manage and understand their finances including financial planning, risk assessment and financial reporting.  

Through this deep dive program, I will guide you in achieving financial health that is often deemed to be unachievable. Moreover, this program is a solid training based on my very own entrepreneurial journey. So, take a deep breath, for we are going to do this together! 

Shalini Dharna


What You Learn


Module I- Starting your business in Canada


Module II- All about Bookkeeping & Finances


Module III- Understanding Canadian Taxes


Module IV- Business Systems


Module V- Maximizing Write-Offs in Canada (deduct this)


Module VI- How to Get Paid

What you Get?

All for under $500!

  • A 20-page workbook
  • CRA red flags sheet
  • Promo on other services
  • Invoice tracker & template
  • Asset Tracker


Put your money where the worth is. Here’s what Accidental Entrepreneur enrollments are saying about the program

“Dharna CPA is an excellent choice for new business owners. The Accidental Entrepreneur helped me with my tax planning and CRA compliances, and Shalini demonstrates a commitment to empowerment through her teaching. This quality of service helped me significantly with personal and professional growth.”

Lois Hudgens

“I enrolled in the Accidental Entrepreneur after reading their reviews and recommendations. I wasn’t disappointed at all and would recommend them to everyone. I was new to tackling my taxes as a new businessperson and following a difficult separation, but Shalini was very responsive and addressed all my concerns.”

Kim Canda

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