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Why isn’t my business more profitable?

Business is booming, you are making more sales, getting more customers, and so you think “I should be making more money”. Yet, you discover that your profit doesn’t seem to be matching this level of success. Being cash flow-positive doesn’t necessarily translate into...

3 Tips to improve your relationship with money

We can all agree that strong money management is an integral part of maintaining healthy finances. Yet, our relationship with money is an often-understated tenet of our money habits. Think about this relationship as how you feel about money. What is your mindset when...

Recession-Plan Your Business

Recession-Plan Your Business

Are you recession ready? The dreaded R word (Recession) has left people with the same feeling as that P word we don't speak of (Pandemic). As the Bank of Canada continues to fight inflation by increasing its key interest rate, many of the nation’s economists are...