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Many small business owners worry that they can’t afford to hire a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or controller, even though businesses of all sizes benefit from having one. They may try to take care of their financials themselves or ignore them altogether, but this can be a losing battle without the expertise of an accounting professional. 

Fortunately, Dharna Strategies offers cost-effective, part-time, outsourced CFO services that can provide businesses with dedicated, experienced financial professionals to help guide them towards future success. By using our services, businesses can gain a better understanding of their financials based on hard numbers, and receive help with critical business decisions and financial forecasting. 

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I understand the unique challenges that growing businesses face, and I have the expertise to help you overcome them. Don’t let financial uncertainty hold you back.

Financial planning and analysis

A CFO helps create a financial roadmap for a company’s future growth by analyzing past and present financial data. This includes identifying key performance indicators, creating financial models, and developing strategies to achieve financial goals

Budgeting and forecasting

A CFO is responsible for creating and managing budgets, and for forecasting future financial performance. This includes analyzing financial data and trends to develop accurate projections for future revenues and expenses.

Cash flow management

A CFO is responsible for managing the company’s cash flow and ensuring that there is enough cash available to cover expenses. This includes managing accounts payable and receivable, and ensuring that cash is properly invested.

Financial reporting and analysis

A CFO is responsible for producing financial reports that accurately reflect the company’s financial performance. This includes analyzing financial data, preparing financial statements, and presenting financial information to stakeholders.

Risk Management

A CFO helps identify and manage financial risks that could impact the company’s financial performance. This includes analyzing potential risks, developing risk mitigation strategies, and implementing internal controls to prevent financial fraud or mismanagement.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Shalini Dharna Kibsey is SO knowledgeable and she breaks down the confusing tax stuff especially for a creative like me. I have hired Dharna to do my bookkeeping and know that they will be accessible when I have any questions and that I am in great hands!

- Dana Castro

So glad we connected and am very happy with your professionalism, knowledge, caring and customer service provided for my business accounting needs. Always quick to respond to inquiries, answer questions, explain for full understanding and guidance for best practices. I highly recommend!

- Gina Bello

Shalini Dharna is professional, knowledgable and client-focused. She is also a great listener. She is business-minded and practical in her advice. I would recommend getting in touch with her for your business tax and accounting needs.

- Joanne Gilbert Wiens

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