Training for Business Owners

Cashflow Wizardry

In this training, you’ll learn:

Why most businesses fail.
The difference between a business that’s a machine vs a business that’s a job that you happen to own.

The three sources of money for every business.

How to get back control (of time and money) from your business.

Why most business owners make less than $100k in income.

The 16 drivers that drive revenue, profit and cash flow in every business (that you need to watch like a hawk)

About the Training

There are three traps that most business owners find themselves in:
Trap #1: You’re working too hard and making little money.
Trap #2: You’re stuck in a Catch22. You want to grow your business, but you need cash to do so. However, you can’t get more cash without growing your business.
Trap #3: You are the business. If you take two weeks off, a week off, or even a day off, your business doesn’t run as smoothly.

About Your Presenter

Shalini Dharna

CPA | Business Coach

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Im an accountant and business owner.
I use my financial background to help business owners
have a growing and more profitable business.

Im successful at this precisely because I understand
both sides of a business (the financial side and the
business ownership side).

As an accountant, I can look at a business and spot the underlying reasons why a business is not profitable and has poor cash flow. Andmore importantly, I know
how to fix it.

I know how to make businesses grow and become
more profitable.

So, Im on a mission to help as many business owners
as I can have a growing and more profitable business.

How to Escape

Business owners can escape the business owners’ trap by
growing a moneymaking machine.
This means that your business is:

Becoming more profitable each year.

Its producing consistent cash flow on a regular basis.

Its owner is working on the business instead of in the business.

To have a successful business (however you define success), you need one thing: a business that’s a moneymaking machine.
To be able to sell your business one day for top dollar, you need one thing: a business that’s a moneymaking machine.
To be able to take home more money and have more control over your time, you need one thing: a business that’s a moneymaking machine.

Go From Owning a Stressful Job to Owning a Successful Business

Think of your business as a machine. And, your machine has one job: to make money.

Businesses that are great at making money can:
Reinvest back into their business (e.g., hire more people, do more marketing).

Expand their business.

Allow you to be a true CEO instead of owning a stressful job.

Allow you to take out more cash from your business each month.

However, businesses that are not great at making money:
Eventually go out of business.

Constantly struggle to grow.

Have an owner who is consistently stressed out, over-worked and underpaid.

Sadly, most businesses are not great at making money which is why 50% of all businesses never make it to their fifth birthday.

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