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Ever feel frustrated that you are great at what you do but do not have the financial expertise to generate positive cash flow to match it? While your business may have carved a niche for itself and it may enjoy the trust of customers, it still does not guarantee financial success.

That’s why you need a financial expert to help you take educated decisions, manage your money well, invest your time and resources in the right areas and enhance your chances.

I’m Shalini Dharna and I help start-ups and entrepreneurs like you understand how money works, create sales, increase profit, and scale your business confidently.

I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs, CEOs and small business owners. You may be great at what you do, but may need someone to enhance your financial know-how and guide you to invest your limited time and hard-earned money in the right areas.

My customized coaching and speaking courses give you the best chance to succeed. You will gain the confidence and financial knowledge needed to steer your business in the right direction and get quick results.

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