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Chartered Professional Accountants with expertise in taxes, finances and wealth management. Finances involves more than just taxes and we help navigate your entire financial journey.

Business Financing

At DharnaCPA we know your business has many layers to understand. We will help you with your strategic planning, financing, debt management and overall cash flow needs every step of the way

Tax Strategies

Taxes aren’t meant to be scary but you do need guidance and support for all the options available to you. More than just tax filing, DharnaCPA offers tax consulting and planning for individuals and corporations. We’ll even hold your hand through any tax audits!

Wealth Creation

It’s more than just making money, it’s about making money work for you. Financial planning, succession planning and estate planning are all necessary for wealth creation and your lasting legacy.


“As a business lawyer, it’s important to have a trusted accountant who will take care of my clients and ensure they are at up for success. Shalini is my go-to accountant and my clients rave about her ability to explain complicated accounting concepts in a way that makes sense and is actionable for entrepreneurs. ” –Andrea Henry


“I would like to acknowledge Shalini Dharna of Dharna CPA, for an awesome experience and say thank you!

So glad we connected and am very happy with your professionalism, knowledge, caring and customer service provided for my business accounting needs. Always quick to respond to inquiries, answer questions, explain for full understanding and guidance for best practices. I highly recommend!

 ” –Gina Bello

Accounting Services

Whether you’re a self-employed small business owner operating as a sole proprietor or corporation, our expert team offers customized solutions from business planning and financial reporting to more strategic business development and financing solutions.

Tax Strategies

Too many businesses and individuals pay far more taxes than they should. Our unique Tax Strategies helps clients minimize their own taxes, put more money in their pocket and enjoy greater wealth.

Wealth Creation

You need more than an accountant. You need experts who understand your unique situation and can formulate and implement strategies and solutions that consider all financial areas– from start-up to retirement, our long-term strategies will help.

Experience what it’s like to work with the

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We all work hard for our money – whether self-employed or employed by a company. At Dharna CPA we are entrepreneurs, but we also have the same responsibilities as anyone with a family. 

By having everything in-house we strive to ensure that all our services are working for you so you don’t have to second guess your choices. That’s our passion – to help people save taxes and grow their wealth.


Get the latest on what’s happening in the industry and advice from our experts on taxes, accounting, business planning and more. We all are curious when it comes to finances, our interactive financial calculators assist you with some of the common questions and concerns that you may have.