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Your Accounting

Not every accountant is the same. our experts can take the pain out of accounting and help you turn your numbers into success with reliable, consistent and accurate accounting services.

Your Tax

Too many businesses and individuals pay far more taxes than they should. our unique Tax Strategies helps clients minimize their own taxes, put more money in their pocket and enjoy greater wealth.

Your Success

You need more than an accountant. You need experts who understand your unique situation and can formulate and implement strategies and solutions to increase your success in business and life.

Your Wealth

Take the next step to financial freedom with Progressive Financial Strategy, a Wealth Management firm (part of the Dharna CPA Group of Companies) that are dedicated to helping clients enjoy life.

Our Business is "You”
Whether you are an individual or small-to-medium sized business, you can rest assured that we are large enough to handle all your financial needs and small enough to know your name when you call. From accounting to tax strategies and wealth management, you’ll enjoy expert, one-on-one, personalized solutions to help you achieve financial success.

Need more convincing? Listen to what our clients have to say…

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Elsinore Blas

Today, I attended Shalini Dharna Kibsey’s “Deduct This” 3-hour workshop and found soooo much value in it. I encourage EVERY...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Dana Castro

Shalini Dharna Kibsey is SO knowledgable and she breaks down the confusing tax stuff especially for a creative like me....

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Joanne Gilbert-Wiens

Shalini Dharna is professional, knowledgable and client-focused. She is also a great listener. She is business-minded and practical in her...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Janet Holmes

Thanks to Shalini Dharna for the excellent webinar on setting up bookkeeping to prepare for taxes – a dry topic...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Heather McCrae

I cannot say enough about Shalini and her compassionate yet professional manner and work ethic! She is focused, discreet, detailed...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Gina Bello

I would like to acknowledge Shalini Dharna of Dharna CPA, for an awesome experience and say thank you! So glad...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Karen Swyszcz

I have taken Shalini’s Deduct This Tax Workshop for Small Business Owners. When it comes to financial matters, Shalini is...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Julie Vuong-Quinto

Shalini Dharna Kibsey is friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Whenever I have questions, she answers them promptly. I trust her with...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Andrea Henry

As a business lawyer, it’s important to have a trusted accountant who will take care of my clients and ensure...

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Dharna CPA testimonial

Elizabeth Roque

We simply could not have the foundation in our accounting services if it wasn’t for Dharna Accounting, Shalini’s professionalism, patience...

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