Take the pain out of Accounting.
Are you tired of paying too much in personal or corporate taxes? Or perhaps you’re not receiving the financial advice you need to succeed. Or maybe, it’s simply time to work with an accounting firm that understands you, and can provide pain-free, reliable and accurate, accounting services. That’s what you’ll find at Dharna CPA. We take the pain out of your accounting and provide you with a wealth of expert services including:

· Personal Tax Services
(Minimize your taxes with Dharna CPA unique strategies)

·  Corporate Accounting Services
(Enjoy expert services including bookkeeping, Notice to Readers,
Corporate Tax Returns and more!)

· Business Advisory and Solutions
(Increase your success with services in financing, tax planning and several unique business solutions designed to help you succeed.)

· Wealth Management
(Turn your money into wealth with our Wealth Management division,
Progressive Financial Strategy

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Need help with an Accounting matter? Want a see how easy it is to minimize your taxes? Or perhaps you simply want a second opinion on your accounting?

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