In-Person Tax Prep Masterclass: Mastering Write-offs

Are you a small business owner looking to boost your bottom line? πŸ“ˆ Do you want to discover the secrets of maximizing deductions and keeping more of your hard-earned money? Well, buckle up because you’re in for a treat!

The Power of Write-Offs

Ever heard the saying, “Keep what’s yours?” Well, that’s what write-offs are all about! I’m not just talking about mundane receipts and paperwork – I’m talking about unlocking the hidden treasure chest of deductions that can save your hard-earned cash. No more overpaying CRA!


  • More Dollars in Your Pocket: Imagine having extra funds to invest in growing your business, hiring top-notch talent, or treating yourself to that well-deserved vacation. Write-offs aren’t just numbers; they’re your ticket to financial freedom.
  • Smart Business Strategies: Learn the art of strategic spending. With the right deductions, you can turn everyday expenses into valuable assets. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about making every dollar work for you.

Why Tax Prep Masterclass

Let’s face it – taxes can be a headache. But what if I told you that every receipt, every expense, could be a potential money-making opportunity? That’s right, turning those receipts into real dollars! πŸ’°

Join my live masterclass where I spill the beans on how strategic write-offs can supercharge your business and put more green in your pocket. I’m not talking about complicated accounting jargon – I’m breaking it down in plain English so you can understand, apply, and start benefiting ASAP.

Not only am I going to share all the small business deductions, I am going to give you tools and resources to help you prepare for tax season!

This Live In-Person Masterclass Includes


Support via Voxer/ WhatsApp


The LIVE In-Person Training


Post-call mentorship and Q&A in Voxer/ WhatsApp to work through the training


Lifetime access to the live training



Shalini and her team did a great job with my taxes. It was my first time doing taxes in Canada, and they helped me with every doubt and step along the process

Luis Hernandez


I’ve returned to Dharna CPA year after year for my family’s taxes. Shalini and the team communicate openly and clearly, are extremely professional and always do a fantastic job. They even provide education, tools, masterclasses like Tax Prep and consulting throughout the year as an additional way to make tax-time super easy to navigate! I’ve recommended them to friends and family many times and will continue to recommend them for years to come!

Lindsay Ireland


Dharna CPA is an excellent choice for new business owners. The team helped me not only with my tax planning but Shalini demonstrates a commitment to empowerment through teaching clients. This quality of service helps new clients significantly with personal and professional growth

Martyn Forde

What You’ll Gain


Insider Knowledge

Uncover the secrets of deductions that most business owners overlook.


Practical Strategies

Learn actionable tips to make your expenses work for you.


Maximize Your Returns

Discover how to legally minimize your tax bill and keep more profit.


Community Support

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and share insights.


Navigate the Tax Maze

Confused about tax jargon? I’m here to simplify the complex world of deductions, making it a breeze for you to navigate.


Facebook Support

Invitation to Shalini’s Inner Circle for weekly office hours.

Get Those Dollars!πŸ’°

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For in-person Training

πŸ“… 22nd February 2024

⌚ 09:30 am to 12:00 pm