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Your Senior Management Team is waiting for you…

Shalini Dharna



Dharna CPA experts come with impressive letters of reference.

One look at the wealth of certifications and accreditation of “Dharna CPA’s senior management team” and it’s easy to see that you are in the company of professionally-certified financial and wealth management experts. Combine that with years of successful and proven experience, and it’s no wonder thousands of clients seek out the expertise of Dharna CPA for accounting, tax savings and planning, and all their wealth management needs.

Harpal Dharna


CPA, CGA, M.A.Sc., M.B.A., CH.F.P., C.S.C, I.F.I.C

WHY Dharna CPA

We all work hard for our money – whether self-employed or employed by a company – and we need to ensure we are making that money work for us. At Dharna CPA we are entrepreneurs, but we also have the same responsibilities as anyone with a family, and we understand that everyone has limited resources and is just trying to make it work. We have been there.  We saw (and experienced!) that lack of communication being shared between financial planners and accountants, and between these professionals and the end-user – YOU. So we are striving to change that balance. By having everything in-house we strive to ensure that all our services are working for you so you don’t have to second guess your choices. That’s our passion – to help people save taxes and grow their wealth.


Dharna CPA provides quality, value and affordable accounting services, tax strategies and wealth creation that gives small business owners and professionals freedom to concentrate on their core competencies.


Dharna CPA is committed to providing the highest level of accounting, business advisory, and tax services to individuals and small-to-medium size businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. We endeavor to provide you with professional, timely, reliable, and accurate reporting.