Dharna CPA provides excellent and reliable financial planning & management, accounting, bookkeeping, income tax, wealth management, and more.

Dharna CPA provides accounting, tax strategies and wealth management services* in Mississauga.

Dharna CPA provides the expert advice needed to grow clients’ portfolios and net worth — and we can help you find policies and opportunities that benefit your long and short-term goals. We work as Chartered Accountants for small businesses, with corporate professionals, and others interested in wealth planning to provide individualized, client-centric help while growing your net worth and company value, accounting services, corporate tax planning strategies, and other individual tax services.

By offering the services of a large company combined with the detailed, personal attention of a smaller firm, Dharna CPA provides comprehensive, innovative, and sensible strategies that have laid the foundation for long-term client relationships, as well as personal and professional success.

The partners at Dharna CPA have been described by clients as “excellent,” willing to “tell things the way they are,” and representatives that clients “trust implicitly” whose advice has led to performances that “are exceeding my expectations!”

* Mutual Funds offered through Progressive Financial Strategy Capital Group Corp., Insurance affiliation through Progressive Financial Strategy Insurance Agency Ltd.

The first thing we noticed after our first meeting is that they [Dharna CPA] took the time to really get to know us, our finances and our future goals.  It was a refreshing change feeling that they there were invested in us and truly cared for not only our finances but our family as well. We would recommend Dharna CPA to anyone looking for financial advise from a team that is honest, reliable and will have their best interests at heart.  You can trust that they will always be there for you to answer your questions and get you on the right path to reaching your financial goals. Dharna CPA has more than exceeded our expectations and for the first time my wife and I feel confident about our financial future.  We can rest easy knowing we have the support and guidance from a team we can trust.

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We all work hard for our money – whether self employed or employed by a company – and we need to ensure we are making that money work for us. At Dharna CPA we are entrepreneurs, but we also have the same responsibilities as anyone with a family, and we understand that everyone has limited resources and are just trying to make it work. We have been there.  We saw (and experienced!) that lack of communication being shared between financial planners and accountants, and between these professionals and the end-user – YOU. So we are striving to change that balance. By having everything in-house we strive to ensure that all our services are working for you so you don’t have to second guess your choices. That’s our passion – to help people save taxes and grow their wealth.


Dharna CPA provides quality, value and affordable accounting services, tax strategies and wealth creation that gives small business owners and professionals freedom to concentrate on their core competencies.


Dharna CPA is committed to provide the highest level of accounting, Business advisory and tax services to individuals and small-to-medium size businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. We endeavor to provide you with professional, timely, reliable, and accurate reporting.




CPA, CGA, M.A.Sc., M.B.A., CH.F.P., C.S.C, I.F.I.C

An accomplished executive, Harpal has experience that covers over 25 years in financial management and business consultations, including performance measurement systems, due diligence, strategic planning, and value-based management. Critical skill sets include project management, process improvement, and strategic business analysis. Diverse background in several sectors – private companies, public companies, government organizations, nonprofit entities, and educational institution.

Harpal’s goal is to provide business owners and executives the best strategies for business growth and wealth creation while minimizing both personal and corporate income taxes.




Shalini Dharna, CPA, CA, has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance. Shalini graduated with honors from the University of Toronto with a B.Com specializing in accounting.

Gaining experience at Ernst and Young and BDO, Shalini has served clients from various industries with different needs and requirements. In this role she audited financial statements and provided areas of improvements to business owners.

Shalini also worked as a financial analyst at the Ministry of Education managing a portfolio of child care funding recipients, and being the financial lead in the transfer of the family support programs. In this capacity she developed policies and procedures to evaluate financial statements to ensure proper use of childcare funding.

Shalini’s background experience in financial statement preparation and analysis, combined with her experience in accounting and tax, offers an excellent combination that provides businesses with solutions and strategies that maximizes operational efficiencies while supporting growth and profits. Her goal is to help businesses and individuals succeed in achieving their financial dreams.

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